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    Tuesday, February 28, 2017

    Everyone has their vices and, unfortunately, for some people that vice is tobacco.  Altria (MO) is a for lack of a better term a beast of a dividend-paying company that can take a prominent role in your passive income portfolio.  MO has been my top performing position in terms of price and dividend payouts.  Let’s face it, an investment in this company isn’t the prettiest source of income / wealth you can boast to your socially-conscious friends.  However, this company is a tried and true dividend winner that shows no signs of slowing down even in the face of the tobacco litigation era and accompanying legislation.  It’s well run and not stingy with its shareholders.  

    Even at its current price, which comes after a nearly 100% increase over the past few years, it offers a fat dividend yield of about % 3.25.  This is another evil emperor stock which can help you get rich slowly.

    Disclosure:  Long on MO.  


    1. Nothing wrong with investing in a vice stock. I hold PM in my account and have been happy with the results. I used to own MO a long time ago before I became a dividend growth investor. In hindsight I never should have sold those shares. I also own DEO for those who like to invest in spirits :)

    2. Howdy! I'm a DEO fan too. Hope you're well.



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