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    Sunday, March 26, 2017

    Dividend Success Story with Abbott Labs: A Dream Come True

    There is a story floating around about how a wise lady invested in 3 shares of ABT in 1935 which were worth about $ 7 million by the time of her death in 2010.  This is the kind of power that can be unlocked through investment in quality companies which provide passive income in the form of dividends.  Today, ABT yields about 2.4% and has a nearly 44 year track record of dividend increases.  Looking at a company's history is a good metric with dividend stocks even though it is obviously no guarantee of future success.  But if you go around chasing new companies with no track record on the hope that the will morph into passive income powerhouses one day, you may not be pleased with the result.  Everyone wants to be in at the at the ground floor, but this requires extensive knowledge and research.  For the non-professional, investment in dividend aristocrats is the best way to assemble at passive income portfolio. 

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