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    Wednesday, April 12, 2017

    A Dividend Dynamo: General Dynamics (GD)

    General Dynamics Corporation operates as an aerospace and defense company worldwide and is engaged in four business sectors: Aerospace,  Combat Systems,  Information Systems and Technology,  and Marine Systems.  Basically, they build really cool aircraft, submarines, warships, and defense technology.  With the new administration promising to make the US military great again, the defense and aerospace sector may stand to gain.  This company sports a 19 year dividend growth history and now features a 1.8% dividend passive income stream.  If you are looking, as you should be, to diversify your passive income portfolio, this may be a solid play.  The dividend yield is not really high, but in an age of reinforcing the US military companies like this can be a rock-solid way to pad the passive income in your portfolio, while maintaining capital growth and high returns on your investment.  I encourage you to check out GD. 

    Disclosure: No current position in GD


    1. GD is a solid looking defense play. I have them on my watch list but have yet to pull the trigger. I also looked at RTN and LMT in the same space. Defense is one sector I have very limited exposure.

    2. Defense might be something to consider with the new administration.



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