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    Saturday, April 29, 2017

    About Me

    This post will provide some background information on the blogger.  I am in my early 30’s, have a professional degree, and have a professional relatively high pressure job.  I came to the realization a few months ago that with the amount of money I am making, I am saving far too little and wasting a valuable opportunity to create a passive income portfolio to provide me and my family with financial security for years to come.  Now, I have decided to turn my financial future around and build some security in the hope of early retirement. 

    I started investing in about 2010 when I was still in graduate school with a small amount of funds let’s say about $5,000.  I slowly began accumulating blue chip, dividend paying stocks in my portfolio.  I had both a Roth IRA and a taxable brokerage account through my bank.  After graduation, I neglected to put more funds in the account but still realized some nice returns with dividend reinvestment factored in.

    Today, 6 years into my working career, I have setup a weekly auto-transfer out of my checking account and into my brokerage account.  Once a nice chunk of cash is accumulated, I add to one of my dividend stock positions or open a new one.  My goal in a few years is to have a respectable passive income portfolio that yields a nice stream of income.

    Between the IRA and the brokerage account, I hold about $30,000 in dividend stocks and ETFs.  This number has been increasing with greater speed thanks to the auto-transfers.  I will continue to provide more updates.  

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