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    Tuesday, July 11, 2017

    SELL in May and Go Away ?

    This old adage is echoed every springtime.  However, my thinking is to buy quality dividend paying stocks and hold them forever.  The passive income portfolio can prove to ease your stress and perhaps lengthen your life.

    Although not a dividend paying opportunity, I've been watching SNAP lately.  I would not buy it at the IPO level, but based on FB's performance after the IPO, I'd consider jumping in if it tanks as we approach the end of the share lockup period.  I'm open to thoughts on this as a speculative play.

    In the meanwhile, we are watching the grass grow with the dividend portfolio.


    1. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with SNAP to give you an informed opinion on your question. But, in generally, I see nothing wrong with pursuing alternative forms of investing. Granted, DGI is my favorite strategy right now. It's passive, relatively safe, but it does take a long time to reap the rewards.

      If SNAP turns out like FB, you do have the potential to make lots of money. Of course, if it doesn't, the reverse is true. As long as you understand and are willing to accept the risk associated with the purchase, and are not investing any amount you can't afford to lose, I say go for it. But, that's just my 2 cents.

    2. I thought it was Sell in May and go away. I thought may is generally when stocks are the highest then heading into OCT they dip and you buy more.
      Of course I bet that's true only once or twice a decade lol

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