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    Sunday, December 31, 2017

    Cruising Our Way to Financial Independence

    It just so happens that, thankfully, I will soon be heading on a family cruise in the Caribbean.  This is a  regular event for us, so I began thinking maybe this would be a nice investment opportunity.  Even on vacation, we are thinking about ways to increase build the passive income portfolio and increase the flow of dividends.  Carnival Cruises (CCL) has a solid 2.7% dividend yield at current levels.  With cruises becoming a more and more attractive and cost effect means of vacationing, we've given this stock a chance to boost the passive income and (hopefully) help facilitate an early retirement.

    Next, we will supply a year-end review of the dividend portfolio we are building and provide a forward-looking analysis for 2018.

    Disclosure:  We own CCL.


    1. We also love going on cruises. Our first was in the Caribbean, and the second from Seattle to Alaska. We're hoping to do a Mediterranean cruise next. CCL is a great way to invest in something you love doing!

      Happy New Year and all the best with your investments!

    2. Awesome. I'd love to a Mediterranean Cruise too !



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