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    Sunday, January 14, 2018

    2018 Projected Dividend Incomes

    Looking forward to the new year of dividend income, I'd like to report an $825 projected passive income stream.  This does not include 401k income which is managed through my employment.  I hope to add another position or two this year which will bump the passive income over $1,000 for 2018.  It is a modest dividend portfolio, but the key is the snowballing effect.  For an early 30's working professional, it isn't bad I think.  Between student debt and starting out as a millenial, I believe it is a decent start.  I hope to pick up some more dividend paying stocks this year to add to the war chest.  With the stock market performing as strongly as it has been, let's not lose sight of the power of passive income through dividend investment. 

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    1. Hi, Dividend Emperor -- all the best for your 2018 goals. It is important to get rid of the pesky student debt, but it is good to see that you're also investing to start reaping the benefits of the dividend snowball!

      Take care and happy investing!



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